Sunday, 17 August 2014

Did I say Spring? Here comes Fall... (This is what I've been busy with)

Hello again!  Well a busy winter turned into a busy spring, which turned into a busy summer, and here we are almost at the end of it and getting ready for fall already!  What have I learned?  Life is busy and doesn't slow down, I just need to catch up.

Thank-you to those of you who are checking back, and I will try not to disappoint and keep this up regularly now.  So, what has kept me busy and away from the laptop...

I have had a couple of big projects on the go.  First, I have been working on a table (grown-up sized for a change of pace) which I would like to share with you.  And the other project has been working on transforming my front yard... and wow, was that ever a big job!  At times it made me think I would love to do landscaping for work, and at times I felt grateful that it isn't my job!  I'll share some of this project with you in another post.

Back to the table...
IKEA Laitorp table

A dear family friend, and a woman of impeccable taste and style, asked me a while back if I would help transform her kitchen table.  At first I had to double check that she meant to ask me, and not my very talented sister at Vintage Prairie Style.  She is amazing, and her pieces are always sophisticated and stylish, and it is what she does.  However, I had done a typewriter child's table for her two grandsons and she did want me to do it... So once that was cleared up, off I went to her house to take a look at the table and sketch some ideas out with her.  This lady is known for her love of black and white and of stripes and polka dots.  Dotted around her kitchen are beautiful MacKenzie Childs pieces.  The inspiration was settled on straight away, and off to work I went.

We started with her IKEA Laitorp table in white, stripped it down bare and repainted it.  This is my first use of the General Finishes Milk Paint, and I have to say, I loved it!  I used Snow White as the base colour and added Lamp Black stripes, checks and polka dots... of course.

After much sanding, priming, painting, more sanding, more painting, and many hours later... here is the finished product (please excuse the patchy grass... that's still a work in progress)

After: A black and white table of classic patterns.
The table is finished and on its way back home.  I am still plugging away on my yard, and I will come back to that on another day with some before and after shots.  And I am working on some pretty little wild flower stools to go with a Matryoshka Doll child table I have recently done, and I look forward to sharing those pictures.  And I am working on a new pink rose child table with some throne chairs that will be featured in a girls room of a showhome opening in September, and a barn child's table and stools as well.  I would like to finish a slipcover for a cheetah print chaise in my family room that has been bothering me for going on four years, and do some furniture and wall painting in my own home.  On top of that back-to-school is coming upon us rather quickly, along with all the extra curriculars starting up again, and we just keep adding irons to the fire. 

Phewf, so, I hope to see you back here soon with new things to show and share... until then, what about you?  Anyone else have busy winters, that have rolled into busy spring, summer, fall...

Friday, 7 February 2014

Having a Bit of Blogging Break

Okay, so there were no changes... at least not in the right direction.  Clearly, I am on a bit of a break from the blogging.  Is it over, you may ask...  Nope, I sure hope not!  Just a break until I can find the time to do this right.  Please allow me t invite you back very soon... I am hopeful the spring will bring good things.
I already have plans for doing more shows in the spring with my partner in crime from Vintage Prairie Style - an awesome blogger, very talented and creative artisan, she sell her beautiful pieces through her own blog and a local antique mall, is a terrific and busy young mom & is all around one of those women that have you saying, "I don't know how she does it"  I certainly ask myself that often, and I am looking to take lessons!  If you haven't been by her blog site you, please follow the link and check her out, you will not be sorry.  In the meantime, I am going to work on getting my act together so I can follow this up with weekly posts on what  have been doing with the house, children's furniture and accessory projects I have been doing and plan to do & some "grown-up" furniture and accessories I have been busy with to.  And I may even add some projects from the garden, it will be good timing to share about my goof-ups and successes as we work slowly but surely to transform our front and back yard into a garden great!  I look forward to keeping in touch.  See you in the spring!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

ch ch ch ch ch ch changes....

Retro Images - House Painters
via The Graphics Fairy LLC

Alright, its time to get back to this... my own home renos & projects!  I think my first post was about my intention to post my projects as I am working on them on this blog... well, that hasn't exactly happened!  I have been so busy with making the childrens tables, mobiles, hooks and knobs from my playhouse collection and starting to work on goodies for grown-up homes too & my own home has taken a back seat.  That chaise lounge that I was re-covering... still the leopard print original & the slip cover is still almost finished!  In fact we have hundreds of almost finished projects around the house!
I have been so excited about how my handmade playhouse & home collections were received and the fun I have been having doing some small handmade markets, and two of the large Make It! shows!  It has been wonderful, fun and exciting, especially doing it all with my sister & partner in crafting, Keya Davis - the brains & talent behind Vintage Prairie Style.  But I have found it difficult to keep up with production for shows, custom orders, doing shows, working on the house projects (not to mention the day-to-day house "projects") and most importantly, being the mom I want to be with my darling three children.
My sister and I have launched a combined company - La Petite Maison - which has brought Vintage Prairie Style and blue vanilla home + garden together in one place.  We can work on our handmade products together, but we will continue to  also have our own separate companies, where we can be contacted directly here as well, and also continue with some of the projects etc. that we won't be featuring with La Petite Maison ... such as some of the vintage finds for VPS and my home renos for BVHG.
So it sounds like another project on the go, but really, here's where the "ch ch ch changes" come in.  We are still interested in doing some small markets here and there to get out there and continue to have that enjoyment and interaction (in fact, you can find us this weekend at Edmonton's Indie Handmade Market) but we will likely give up doing the bigger shows, although they were great fun.  And we are working on setting up an Etsy shop... watch for us there.
Other changes... I am going to do a bit of re-vamping here on this site over the next little while, so you will be able to go through my tabs to see a gallery of my work & know how and where to get your hands on them if you so choose, but the main posts will be back to following my home and garden renos... and our playhouse too!  I want to have some DIY featured, and open up to your comments, questions, suggestions etc, and other fun stuff.  I want to update on a regular basis, most of all.  New goodies every week, maybe :)
So I hope you will check back soon, and keep coming back!
Also, check out Vintage Prairie Style

Friday, 22 February 2013

makin' it again for Make It!

alright, time to get crafting again!  i mean some serious 24/7 crafting!!!  today i found out that i have the privilege and honor of again participating as a vendor at Make It! Edmonton for their spring show April 12th, 13th, and 14th at the Enjoy Center with my crafting partner in crime, Vintage Prairie Style.  this time we are officially joined under the name La Petite Maison.  we are so pumped and super excited to be at the show & hope to see you there.  stay tuned for what we have in the works for the spring show... its gonna be good!  be sure to check out Vintage Prairie Style cause she has some awesome awesome stuff... and you don't even have to wait until April to get your hands on what she's got, just go to the Old Strathcona Antique Mall and you will have your socks knocked off.  i'm looking forward to working with this very talented lady again.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

birds of a feather...

distressed owl table and cross back chairs

owl table with 2 chevron chairs & 2 polka dot chairs

let me introduce you to the two latest tables finished just before christmas, and the two lovely ladies that inspired them.  my last few posts sort of stemmed from my experience with Make It! Edmonton and having a booth there this past november, and this post again is linked to my experience at that show.  while i was at the booth i met some great people, two of which ended up ordering tables for christmas gifts.  funny enough, both owls, and after talking details, both with chevron and polka dots.  i had great fun doing these two tables, as both of these ladies have great style, had awesome direction for what they wanted and were both so willing to just going with the flow and trust me.  and for two tables with so many similarities, these two birds of a feather were able to be unique in their own special ways.
thanks so much to these two individuals for being your orders and being so fantastic to work with.  i hope the tables were a great surprise christmas morning and will be well enjoyed for years to come.   

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

10,000 reasons to be happy...

thank-you to the over 10,000 people who came out to the Enjoy Center this past weekend in support of Make It! and all the 140 vendors set up there.
we could not have asked for a better experience and all four of us (vintage prairie style, ginger doll, and roots to branches) were disappointed to see the end of the show come.  with a record amount of people attending, we met some really awesome people - vendors and customers alike.  the Enjoy Center was the perfect venue & so well organized with set up, take down & everything in between.  thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to everyone who had anything to do with this event! 
hopefully all the starts will align, schedules will permit & we will be able to see you back at Make It! Edmonton in the spring.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

we made it to Make It!

the count down to make it! is over, and booth #105 featuring blue vanilla home + garden, ginger doll, roots to branches, and vintage prairie style is set up and ready.  we are so excited and were pumped to see such a great crowd lining up to get into the make it!

thanks to the organizers at make it! and the enjoy center for such an easy unload and set up.  it is going to be a great show and a great weekend.  hope to see you there!