ready, set, craft...

make it! edmonton is almost upon us, we are days away from the big craft sale!!! Woo woo!!!

pint-sized matryoshka doll table and chairs
So, my fellow crafters (Vintage Prairie Style, Ginger Doll, and Roots to Branches) and I have been busy, busy, busy to fill our booth (#105) with our very best.  Check out the awesome stuff these ladies have been working on and will bring to the show... its all up on their blogs, just follow the link.  Here is what I have been working on...

typewriter table with key stools

pencil legs

barn table with stool



matryoshka doll hook

set of four matryoshka dolls

framed hot air balloon hook


decorative clipboards with chalkboard clips
hang your child's latest masterpiece
the clipboard makes it so easy to switch out
with the lastest work of art moments later

hand painted wooden knobs

We are so excited for the show and hope you can join us at The Enjoy Center this Thursday, November 22 thru Sunday, November 25 for make it!


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