welcome to my humble blog...

i am so excited to be starting up blue vanilla home + garden and bringing it into the blogging world.  i will be posting about the many projects i take on as i ever so slowly renovate my home and my garden - tranforming from old, run-down and used up spaces from the early '80s to clean, simple and classic spaces that are unique, yet timeless.  with my background in interior design, i have a knack for not just accepting anything for what it is... this can lead to a great deal of work, but in the end, every minute of it is worth it.  as a mom of three young & very active children, i have no choice but to not just consider function and practicality in every aspect of my designs and decorating, but to really work the form around the function.  and since everything i that comes in this house may very well be used and abused to no end, budget friendly solutions are always appealing and at the top of the list.
i hope you will follow along, and check out my projects as i go.


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